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TS6® Probiotic Products for Feminine Care, Skincare, Food Supplement

Tensall Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

Tensall Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. has been established in Taiwan since 1999, with research and development of probiotics as our core technology. We have developed our own professional probiotic strains, a probiotic database platform, as well as a core technology team, which has been in co-operations with industrial, governmental, and academic institutions and has been developed a unique “Multiplicate Fermentation Technology” to integrate probiotics with herbs and minerals, to develop systematic functional dietary supplements and bio-tech cosmetics products.
Tensall dedicates in providing TS6® brand series with superior quality probiotic products, feminine care products, food supplements, skincare products, etc.
So far, we are the largest probiotic innovation development and multiplicate fermentation manufacturer. We also provide OEM and ODM service.

Tensall Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.
Tensall Bio-Tech—an innovative company dedicates itself in promoting blissful living by providing the TS6® brand series with superior quality probiotics, food supplements, skincare products, and personal hygiene products utilizing state-of-the-art biotechnology.
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