TS6 G-Uro ProCap

  • Promote gastrointestinal health, smooth defection, and boost metabolism.
  • Improve genitourinary tracts, containing Cranberry Extract, helping better feminine care, and preventing UTI.
  • Package:
    Blister, 500 mg/capsule, 60 capsule/box
  • Formulation: Vegetable Capsule
  • Description

TS6 G-Uro ProCap Function

  • Improve Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary tracts.
  • Especially include Cranberry yogurt powder and Cranberry Extract, which are good for feminine care.

Active ingredients of TS6 probiotics

  • Probiotics: The functional probiotics that were isolated from the intestinal tract and normal female genitourinary system.
It contains natural antibacterial substances and lactic acid, which can effectively inhibit the growth of foreign pathogens to prevent infection. 
Studies indicate the feminine intimate area in the normal situation has the Lactobacillus and produces lactic acid which can make maintain the pH at 4.5 or less in the female urogenital system. And its metabolites contain bacteriocin which can inhibit pathogenic bacteria. (Reference: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 73(2), 437-443,2001.)

  • Cranberry yogurt: The probiotics activation technology use special biodegradable enzymes of probiotics to release completely various substances hidden in the cranberry and bring with special benefits for human. The cranberry has been widely used in preventing bacterial infection of the female urogenital system. 
Cranberry has rich flavones that have strong antioxidant activity which can not only be antibacterial in the urinary tract caused by a bacterial infection but also prevents cardiovascular disease, but also inhibits bacteria attached to the mucosa of the urinary system to reduce bacterial infection.

  • Oligosaccharide: Oligosaccharide is low in calories and can pass through the digestion system without being digested, provide the nutrients to probiotics, and promote the growth of the probiotics

Probiotics: L. reuteri; L. rhamnosus; L. acidophilus; L. casei.
Cranberry yogurt powder (Cranberry Extract + Probiotic Fermentation);
Cranberry Extract.
Promote genitourinary health, smooth defection, and boost metabolism.
Direction for use
Regular—2 capsules daily; Intensive—4 capsules daily.
Intake after a meal. Consume directly with water.

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