TS6 Pro-Bio Cleanser

  • A face wash is suitable for oily/ combination skin.
  • Especially added Yogurt Filtrate essence which can regulate your skin to a healthy pH-balanced environment.
  • Trehalose makes natural moisturizing, no over-washed feeling.
  • Ingredients:
    Yogurt Filtrate (TS7®);
  • Package: Tube, 100 ml/tube
  • Formulation: Cream
  • Description

TS6 facial wash contains TS7®, a probiotic that works as our natural acid mantle protection, helping reach a healthy pH level situation

If you are someone...
  • Living with stressful work, an unbalanced diet, or frequently stay up late.
  • Dry skin, dehydration, itchiness, small wrinkles happening result from lacking skincare.
  • Frequently sunburn, suntan and, hurt skin result from lacking sun protection.
  • has combination skin/ oily skin.

  • Stays a pH-balanced skin, no more unstable states happening.
  • Refreshes skin and lights the face tone.
  • Reduced oiliness and maintain softness.
  • Oil-free
Facial cleansing and makeup remover.
Direction for Use:
Apply a small amount onto clean fingertips and gently massage into damp facial areas in upward circular motions, avoiding the immediate eye area.
Active ingredient:
  • Yogurt Filtrate (TS7®), the active ingredient is activating dermis fibroblast cells to generate collagen and also contains natural anti-microbial materials to defense against various external pollution.
  1. 7 Non-GMO probiotic strains
  2. Fermentation with fresh milk media
  3. Skin proliferation factors
  4. Moisturizing elements
  5. Antiseptic agent

The Yogurt Filtrate is the next-generational biotech skincare material successfully developed through a series of trials and screening of dozens of micro-organisms.
The natural material of the complex symbiotic fermentation technique:
  1. The rich nutrients: Yogurt Filtrate is rich in amino acids, vitamins, folic acids, biotin, and lactic acid; the natural antibacterial substances may suppress certain bacterium such as Staphylococcus aureus that induces dystopia dermatitis.
  2. Special function: Yogurt Filtrate is good for your skin because it improves the synthesis of CollagenⅠ, Ⅲ, Fibronection, and Cornifin.
  3. Characteristics of Ultra-Fine Particles: It can improve the moisture of inner skin and moist epidermis and increase the oxygen absorption of skin efficiently.
  • Trehalose is a polysaccharide derivative that extracts from seaweed. It is similar to the water in the structure of the human body which can help our skin easily absorb the water supply long-lasting moisture.

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