How ImmunoActive Can Help Your Child Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season
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As spring brings about significant weather changes, parents are often concerned about their children's health, especially their immunity and digestive well-being.
TS6 guideline-How to choose probiotic supplement? –Part2
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TS6 Pro-Collagen plus provides daily nutrition demands and natural antioxidants for skin health. This product uses the Probioenzy® technique to break down milk calcium, lyceum, jujube and Tremella fuciformis to achieve high-efficiency absorption.
Why is the liver so-called the silent organ? What is fatty liver, prevention, and more
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The liver is a silent organ. Fatty liver usually has no symptoms at the beginning, so most patients are unaware of it. It has usually entered severe fatty liver disease by the time symptoms appear.
What does vitamin D do to our body? Who needs supplement vitamin D?
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It is one of the important nutrients fat-soluble vitamins that maintain the normal growth and health of the human body. The human body can obtain vitamin D3 from food, or from ultraviolet rays contracting with the skin to synthesize vitamin D3 from cholesterol by itself.
What is immunity? How to enhance it through foods, daily habits, and more
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Immunity refers to the body's ability to fight off various diseases. If immunity is low, the body's defense will be weakened and it will be easier to get sick frequently, gastrointestinal disorders. In daily life, harmful substances may invade the human body, such as various viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens.
Good for Eye Health: Habits, foods, and supplements
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Technology products have been widespread, phones, laptops, and tablets so more and more people are nearsighted at a very young age nowadays. This is a serious modern problem that needs to address.
Protect eye exercises can do it from small daily habits and these habits forming can make big change.
Probiotics overview: Benefits, Side Effects, Food and more
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The number of bacteria in the human gut is about 100 trillion, (more than 500 species), consisting of both good and bad bacteria, making a microflora. And probiotics are made of good bacteria. Not only gut flora contains beneficial and harmful bacteria, but the skin, mouth, vagina, and urinary tract consist of them as well. Good bacteria can against bad bacteria and prevent bad bacteria from growing, helping the body function well and be healthy.
How do propolis, lutein, and soybean help eye health?
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According to the America National Occupational Health and Safety Institute survey showed if people use computers for more than three hours per day, about 90% of people will feel dry eyes, headaches, irritability, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and other symptoms. This fatigue phenomenon of sight is called xerophthalmia. It is very common for modern people who use cell phones and computers all the time. Therefore, it is an important issue in how to care for your eyes, reduce eye fatigue, and prevent vision loss.
What is Enterovirus? ImmunoActive can boost immunity to prevent it!
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Enterovirus, a virus that enters the body through the gastrointestinal tract and thrives there, often moves on to attack the nervous system. Having better immunity can prevent getting it. TS6 ImmunoActive helps people to better immunity to fight against Enterovirus, improving overall constitution.
How to choose probiotic supplement? -Part1
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Promote smooth defecation, boost metabolism, help digestion, and improve lactose intolerance - Probiotic
Do you know that probiotic can alleviate disturbing allergic problems?
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An allergy is an abnormal reaction to an ordinarily harmless substance called an allergen. TS6 Probiotic PLUS includes 8 probiotic strains and Chinese herbs which can alleviate allergic symptoms. Thus, it can effectively relieve allergic problems which you have been worrying.
What does TS6 Probiotic distinguish from the market merchandise?
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There are several of probiotic supplements in the market. How to choose what is the most suitable for you? And what makes TS6 Probiotic stand out for decades?