Women’s intimate skin is so delicate that need to be taken care more. Here are four steps to follow on a daily basis, so you can get that dewy, peachy-look skin effortlessly.

  • Step 2 Repair
    TS6 Feminine Brightening Mist Toner: Moisturizing, brightening, protecting. Use it whenever you are on the go. Especially, when you are on your special periods of time that need to be taken care of carefully, ex: on period, being pregnant. Women should focus on feminine hygiene more since intimate skin is vulnerable at these times.

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  • Step 3 Protection
    TS6 Feminine Intensive Whitening Gel: Cleansing &protecting with gel texture which can be absorbed easily, which can form a protective layer.
    It can be used in areas that get dark and dull, such as the crotch, butt, breast, etc.

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  • Step 4 Nourish
    The final step is to keep the moisturizing last. Just like what skincare routine you do with your face at night, so does your intimate skin.
    TS6 Feminine Whitening and Nourishing Cream: Nourishing and moisturizing intimate skin.

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