Gold quality award certified by Monde Selection 2020

Monde Selection certifies that

TS6 Feminine Tightening and Moisture Gel &
TS6 Cleansing Mousse

of the company Tensall Bio-Tech Co., Ltd has been granted a GOLD QUALITY AWARD
by the Jury of the 56th World Selection 2020 of Cosmetics and Toiletries.

 TS6 Cleansing Mousse

TS6 Feminine Tightening and Moisture Gel 

Monde Selection aims to deliver the most impartial and independent
evaluation. Each sample is therefore evaluated by experts as a whole and is
not compared to another.
Monde Selection’s independent experts entrust the task of analyzing the main
parameters of Cosmetic products covering the following aspects :
• Is the information given to the consumer about the product
complete? The experts assess the list of ingredients, claims, active
substance content, instructions for use, required conditions of
• Are the intrinsic qualities of the product, communicated to the
consumer by the producer, scientifically accurate and does the
the product contains enough active ingredients to achieve the
the effect it claims?

In addition to the Quality Awards, Monde Selection awards
the effort of companies that distinguish themselves by the
quality of their products over several years by granting
them Prestigious Trophies namely the “25 Years Trophy”
(25 consecutive years), the “Crystal Prestige Trophy” (10
consecutive years), and the “International High Quality
Trophy” (3 consecutive years).
The final result is a ponderation of each criterion and
determines the quality level. Products having obtained
a final result of a minimum of 60% are awarded a quality
label by the juries of Monde Selection. This label allows
the company to demonstrate the excellent quality of its
products in a neutral and professional manner.