TS6 Pro-Liver

Liver protection and enhance the antioxidant capacity.

Cooperative development with Chung Shang Medical School
Enhance the antioxidant capacity, prevent hepatitis and liver fibrosis by inhibited activity of hepatic stellate cell
Unitizing this patent extract technology, the active ingredients such as polyphenols (>10%) and favonoids (> 4%) could be effectively isolated without any unpleasant odor

Use: Liver protection and enhence the antioxidant capacity.

Regular1 capsule daily, after breakfast.
Intensive2 capsule daily, after breakfast and dinner.

Sweetscented Basil (Ocimum gratissmum Linn) extract (contains polyphenols >10% and flavonoids >4%)

Blister, 500 mg/capsule, 60 capsule/box