TS6 Feminine Douche

 TS6® Feminine Douche

  • Main Ingredients: Probiotic Essence
  • Function:vaginal disinfectant, pH balance, vaginal douche, Vaginal Cleaning Solution
  • Certificate:GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 22716



Yogurt Filtrate (TS-2L®)


Daily feminine intimate care, maintain vaginal acidity, clean and control the vaginal environment to the primary healthy state.


Dilute one part of TS6 Feminine douche with ten parts of water before use.
Screw the nozzle on to the bottle and shake well.
Gently insert nozzle into your vagina, and slowly squeeze bottle.


Bottle, 250 ml/bottle. 

*No antibiotic 

*No iodine


Do you know...

 As a result of climate impact, female urogenitals are often prone to leucorrhea, odor, infections, abnormal secretions, etc. Female genital cleaning has become a topic of concern to women, especially the natural application of probiotics for the latest trend in derivatives.

Female body has evaluated and employed several mechanisms such as immune system and probiotic-based acidic environment to prevent vaginal infections. However, bacterial vaginosis, BV, is still found in healthy individuals. Traditional treatments are by applying antibiotics. However, long-term uses of these drugs will likely to destroy the immune system and acidic barriers formed by probiotics, leading to re-infections. TS6® Feminine Douche can offer an altertive healthier way to solve such annoying problems.

TS6® Feminine Douche, developed and manufactured by Tensall Biotech,  is an ultimate product for feminine intimate health. The active ingredient of TS6®  feminine Douche is TS-2L®, an extract from the bioactive constituent of fermented milk that is inoculated with two Lactobacillus stains isolated from a healthy female individual, it includes natural lactic acid, rich in amino acids, vitamin B complex, Biotin, Folic acid and natural moisturizers. It can provide the nutrition to help the growth of vaginal probiotics, also make vaginal flora increase in the number of probiotics.