TS6 Probiotic Feminine Wipes

●TS6 feminine wipes are gentle intimate skincare for both ladies and babies
●Added with patented TS-2L, help maintain feminine health
●Especially suitable for women on their period, pregnant time

TS6 is women' bodyguard - Feminine wipes 

  • Perfect for cleansing when you need it
  • Especially suitable for women on their period, pregnant time 
  • Added patented TS-2L, help maintain feminine health 
  • With cherry blossom fragrance, the natural and light scent helps you have a good mood 

TS6 has been an expert dedicating doing feminine hygiene products for over 20 years.
We added our patented TS-2L to every product, which is like women's body personal soldier
protecting their feminine health, reduce pathogens happening, nurturing good stuff (ex: vaginal probiotics), 
gradually helping women reach pH healthy balance in their vagina. 





Ingredients of feminine wipes

Yogurt Filtrate (TS-2L);
Hyaluronic Acid.

Gentle intimate skincare for both ladies and infants.

Take 1~2 pieces to wipe on the area desired to clean.

Since Humid and sweated intimate areas can cause infection and itchiness easily
TS6 cleansing mousse and feminine wipes are a great combo for beating hot summer!
Gives your intimate area always fresh and clean!

TS6 is a women's bodyguard, protecting your feminine health.

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Pack, 10 sheet/pack