TS6 G-Uro Cleansing Wash

•For body and intimate area cleansing
• A unique body wash contains yogurt filtrate, helping skin retain health pH and moisture, elasticity, as well as intimate health

TS6®  G-Uro Cleansing Wash

Body and intimate area cleansing. "Unique body wash" contain probiotic essence.
It helps skin to retain health pH and moisture, elasticity, as well as urogenital healthy.

  • Suitable for Atopic dermatitis Eczema Sensitive skin type, keeping skin moisture and feel comfortable.
  • Contains Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera: improve skin elasticity, natural moisturization, and antibacterial effects.
  • Especially focus on intimate area cleansing and better protection as shower gel.
  • TS-2L® & TS7®: Probiotic metabolite, including lactic acid, anti-bacterial factor, and multiple nutrients to promote healthy skin and urogenital wellbeing.


Yogurt Filtrate (TS-2L®, TS7®), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice,  Melaleuca Alternifolia (TeaTree) Leaf Oil.

Body and intimate area cleansing.

Direction for use
Apply an adequate amount of gel on the wet body skin, clean, and rinse thoroughly.

100 g/bottle



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Yogurt Filtrate (TS-2L®,TS7®), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice,  Melaleuca Alternifolia (TeaTree) Leaf Oil.

Bottle, 100 g/bottle