TS6 Intensive Cleansing Mousse

Premium formula for intimate skin protection during menstrual periods.

More intensive care than classic TS6® Cleansing Mousse, suitable for use in Menstrual Period. Along the classic cleansing mousse with usual protection effects of tea tree oil and aloe vera, and the patented probiotic essence (TS-2L®), which promotes the growths of probiotics in the intimate area. Female vaginal eco-system utilize probiotics to denfend vagina and vulval areas from pathogen, which causes itching, a bad smelling vaginal discharge, odor, burning, soreness, pain with sex etc... problems.

Natural white cherry blossom scent induce feminine feelings.

For the purpose of intensive care, we also extracts from Rosemary and Blueberry to augment the remedy effects and intimate skin comfort.

●For special occasions: menstrual period, druing pregnancy or after labor that need special care.
●Reinforced cleansing effect and protection power to build a perfect fortress against pathogen for feminine intimate area.
●Fortify health defense and soothe skin discomfort.
● Amend intimate skin condition and keep intimate skin smooth and tender.TS6 Intensive Cleansing Mousse


Active Ingredients:
Yogurt Filtrate (TS-2L®);
Tea Tree Oil;
Aloe Vera Extract;
Rosemary Extract;
Blueberry Extract.

Premium formula for intimate skin protection during menstrual periods.

Direction for Use: 
Apply lukewarm water onto the area needed for cleansing. Apply adequate amount of mousse on hand and gently massage it lightly on the area. Then rinse with lukewarm water.