TS6 Feminine Fruit Essence Wash

Cleanse intimate area while keeping it moisturized.

TS6® Lady Health Feminine Fruit Essence Wash

●Daily care and cleanse. Use to build a perfect fortress for feminine intimate area.
●Cranberry extract nourishes intimate skin and enhances defense for intimate skin.
●Remedy, whiten and moisturize intimate skin. Prevent skin aging, and keep skin tender and youthful.


Active Ingredients TS-2L® Probiotic Essence, TSCberry, Pomegranate flower Extracts, Aloe Vera Extracts, Tea Tree Oil Extracts.
Use Cleanse intimate area while keeping it moistured.
Direction for Use Apply adequate amount on a palm, add water, lather to form bubbles. Use it to clean intimate area, and then rinse thoroughly. Also suitable for whole body.



Package 250 g/bottle
Fomulation Gel