TS6 Feminine Brightening Mist Toner

Deodor while whitening intimate skin

TS6® Feminine Brightening Mist Toner


● A specially designed spray for intimate area that brings both moistuzing and whitening effects.
● Effective anti-pathogen formula soothes skin discomfort and odors and brings back feminine charms.
● Espcially added berry extracts moisturize, whiten and tenderize skin.
● Use it every day and keep away problems in the intimate area and make the intimate skin tender and bright.


Active Inggredients TS-2L® Probiotic Essence, Taiwan FDA approved anti-bacterial ingredient--ISOM, Hydrolyzed Prunus Domestica Eextracts, and a deodorant made in Japan.
 Use  Deodor while whitening intimate skin
 Direction for Use  Use after lavatory or during menstrual period. Spray the toner at a distance about 15~20 cm away. Spray twice or three times and then wipe it clean with tissue.

Package 100 g/bottle