TS6 Feminine Soothing Essence

Relieve intimate skin discomfort.

TS6® Feminine Soothing Essence


● Relieve intimate skin problems, and soothe skin swollenness.
●Long-lasting moisturiztion. Help intimate skin kept in healthy status.
●Portable Package, suitable for any time, any place.
●Fast relief droughtiness of intimate skin or other external causes of itchiness or stinging feelings.


Active Ingredients TS-2L® Probiotic Essence, Calendula officinalis Extracts, Aloe Vera Extracts, Dipotassium glycyrrhiziate, Vitamin E, Menthyl lactate, Arginine.
Use Fast relief of intimate skin discomfort.
Direction for use Suitable for discomfort from intimate skin frictions, dryness and itchiness, after shaves, and during or after menopause.


Package 15 g/tube
Formulation Gel