TS6 Moisture Refreshing Spray

Moisturize skin effectively.

TS6® Moisture Refreshing Spray

  • The key to 24 hour moisturization!
  • 4 long-lasting moisturization elements keep skin moisturized all the time.
  • Penitential strongly holds moisture and create aqua-locking magnet field like environment
  • Provide nourishments for skin moisturization, regene








Active Ingredients TS7®, Pentavitin, Seaweed Extract,
Hyaluronic acid.
Use Moisturze skin effectively.
Direction for use Use after facial cleanse or when moisture
needed on skin. Spray adequate amount
on skin with a distance of around 20~30
cm, and lightly massage to help
absorption. Also suitable to be used as
toner. Close eyes and mouth during spray

Package 150 g/bottle
Formulation Spray