TS6® Brand Story

TS6 is originated from Tensall's first product TS6 Proiotic. "TS" stands for Tensall, "6" means multi-strains of probiotics. After numerous evaluations and testing, we selected the best combination of 6 probiotic strains, with unique symbiotic complex fermentation technique; TS6 Probiotic the most effective, safe and suitable for human consumption product comes out.
Besides TS6 Probiotic, Tensall has invented different combinations and extending the application of probiotics on food supplements, feminine hygiene products and skin care products. We devotedly progress TS6 series products by utilizing state-of-the-art technology, best quality and service, expectively promote to around the world. We hope the superior products TS6 bring a better healthy, beautiful and happy life for human.

Tensall Bio-Tech—an innovative company dedicates itself in promoting blissful living by providing the TS6® brand series with superior quality probiotics, food supplements, skincare products, and personal hygiene products utilizing state-of-the-art biotechnology.

TS6 Probiotic Health Care Series

The whole series of TS6® Dietary Supplement is with either directly benefits from probiotics or our unique techniques of breaking down beneficial ingredients for beauty and health. They are smaller in molecule and easier to be absorbed by the body, and beneficial from gastrointestinal health to beauty and skin care.

TS6 Feminine Classic Care Series

TS6® Lady Health introduces the probiotic defense concept and put it into practice by our feminine care products with unique real probiotic essence. By utilizing our patented and national award winning probiotic yogurt filtrate(TS-2L®), we protect your intimate feminine side by providing balanced pH, gently reducing unpleasant odor, and relieving disturbances from pathogenic infections.

TS6 Probiotic Skincare Series

TS6® Bio-Tech Skincare introduce probiotic skincare essence TS7®, which provide defense system to skin and revitalization effects, including increased skin cell proliferation, moisturizing effects, anti-bacterial effects, enhanced collagen type 1 and 3 synthesis, stratum corneum renewal, and reduction in melanin pigment.

TS6 Probiotic BB Health Series

We bring probiotic natural defense power to protect babies from microbial attacks that usually occur in babyʼs nappies. The prolonged than usual defense help from probiotic essence is through anti-pathogen effects and probiotic growth enhancing effects.