Tensall devotes ourselves to probiotics research and application.

Due to people looking for ways to extend their life span, preventive medicine is getting more attention than transitional after-disease treatment nowadays. Chemical synthesis medicine might work effectively and efficiently, but some of them can accumulate in the body and cause lethal. Because epidemic can easily and suddenly affect people's life, how to boot immune system and maintain body in a good condition is critical. However, there is no shortcut to equip our bodies. How to research and develop health supplement becomes the most popular way fighting epidemic and diseases, and the concept fits just in with the concept of preventive medicine.

It is a new trend of healthy medical to improve human life through microbiology, and the application of microbiology is going to be one of the mainstreams of preventive medicine.
Tensall Research and Development
Microbiology and Probiotics Maki
Tensall has expertise of probiotics application, and dedicates to make itself market leader. Tensall has applied probiotics technology on improving gastrointestinal system, relieving allergic syndromes, shaping bodies, decomposing toxins, boost immune system, regulating cholesterol, and enhancing liver function. Tensall even expends the probiotics technology into skincare and feminine intimate care application. New application and new product is always in the process of research and development, and looks ways to improve quality of life.
Microbiology Analysis Platform
Probiotics Application System
Microbiology Culture System
Probiotics Enzymatic Digestion System
Strain Identify Platform
Probiotics Activate System
Microbiology and Probiotics Making Process
Microbiology and Probiotics Making Process
Microbiology and Probiotics Making Process
Microbiology and Probiotics Making Process
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