General Questions:

How long have you been in business?
Tensall Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. has been founded since 1999, more than 20 years. Our Brand TS6® has been established since 2003. Besides, we have developed our own professional probiotic strains, a probiotic database platform, as well as a core technology team. To date, we are the largest probiotic innovation development and multiplicate fermentation manufacturer.
What is the business philosophy of Tensall?
The business philosophy of Tensall is to be an innovative biotech company that protects everyone's health with our strict production management, quality control, and product analysis abilities. Dedicated in promoting blissful lives by providing superior quality probiotics and cosmetics utilizing state-of-the-art biotechnologies, Tensall is hoping to contribute in a better future of human beings. Tensall insists in using no transgenic materials because we never forget to respect nature while pursuing technological developments.
What categories do you apply in your products?
We apply in several series, including dietary supplements, feminine hygiene and health care, personal and skin care, and baby care. We are deeply convinced the trend in the future is the Probiotic application in various products. They can effectively rejuvenate skin and body to achieve specific health benefits. 
Where are you products sold and distributed?
At present, we have completed the business expansion of exports to authorized agents in Bangladesh, South East Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, and Vietnam, and further to The European Union—Romania, and so on 8 countries and areas.
Do you do ODM, OEM?
Yes, we do make these services, for further discussion please click Contact Us ( ) to leave message, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Questions for Facility:

How does your factory do regarding quality control?
We are extremely strict for factory management; we have several certificates, such as ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO22716, Class 10,000 Clean room, HACCP, Taiwan Quality Food Association, GMP for cosmetics.

Questions for Product Formulation:

Are all products made with natural or organic ingredients?
Yes, all of our products are made with patented probiotics essence and natural herbal ingredients. We insist to give customers natural wholesome-quality products.
Do you use parabens in your products?
No, all our products do not contain parabens. Please use it without being worry about any irritation may happen. 
Do your formulations meet quality standards?
All our products have Symbol of National Quality, HALAL Certificate, and pass Microbial Test Report, Heavy-Metal Test Report, Pesticide Test Report, Chemicals for clinical use Test Report. We care about our customers as much as your health.

Questions for Product:

What is feminine wash used for?
It is used for intimate skin cleansing and maintains pH balance; therefore it can protect intimate skin areas from pathogen attacks and develops further disease problems.
What is the best feminine wash to use?
We have developed several different kinds of products to make sure we can accompany you on different life journeys. If you want to look for a feminine wash product for daily basis uses, on period, pregnancy, and menopause; or if you have a dry skin type, you can choose from our feminine care series to have your best and most suitable product to use.

>How to choose the most suitable feminine hygiene wash ( )
Can feminine wash be used every day?
Yes, TS6 feminine washes only use simple and natural herbal ingredients with zero irritation, and zero parabens, so it is very gentle and safe for daily use.
Should I use feminine wash or just water?
We recommend you use feminine wash to clean intimate skin instead of using water, because TS6 feminine care series consists of patented probiotic essence (TS-2L®), increasing the number of probiotics in the intimate area, and having a pH-balanced healthy environment.
How to use TS6 lady health cleansing gel?
  1. Remove the applicator from the wrapper.
  2. Press down and twist to open the tab.
  3. Squeeze the applicator to dispense contents and apply them inside the vagina. Lying down for 30 minutes for better effects.
  4. Dispose of the used applicator.