There’s tons of intimate hygiene washes out there that you can choose from the market. 

However, do you know which one is the most suitable for you? What is the best feminine wash to use? Can feminine wash be used every day? Do you know some special situations where intimate skin is more delicate that you should pay more attention on it? And also needs to apply the corresponding intimate hygiene washes to take care of.    

TS6 is a feminine hygiene product manufacturer that has developed different kinds of feminine hygiene washes that suitable various situations, so you can depend on which condition you are in. Let's get started!

  • TS6 Cleansing Mousse – This is a feminine hygiene wash that you can use it daily. It is suitable for all ages (Age6 and above), and can be used as an intimate care routine for every day, just put together with your shampoo and body wash in the bathroom, or taken with you when traveling, on business trips. It is great for daily protection, helping intimate skin stay healthy and stable.
    ✔Helps maintain a good and healthy environment for the skin and relieves skin discomfort for everyday use

  • TS6 Intensive Cleansing Mousse – The product is especially used for specific periods of time, ex: on period, pregnancy, and menopause. During these times, intimate skin is more sensitive and vulnerable which should be taken care of especially. 
    Intensive Cleansing Mousse consists of several herbal extracts (Aloe Vera, Rosemary, and Blueberry), Rosemary Extract does a good job of reinforcing defense ability.
    ✔Several herbal extracts included enhancing defense ability during special care time

  • TS6 Feminine Whitening and Cleansing Mousse – If you are those who have dull intimate skin, and are eager to improve this problem, this product is right for you. Many reasons could cause intimate skin to get dark and dull, ex: a long period of sitting, tight under wears (thong), pants, inflammation.
    ✔7 magical whitening herbal ingredients added to achieve an excellent whitening effect

  • TS6 Pro-Hygiene Wash – This product is an intimate hygiene wash and a body wash. You can take it with you wherever you go on a business trip or travel. It is so convenient to apply exactly one product to wash the whole body if you are lazy to apply the body part with different products!
    ✔Adds both TS-2L® and TS7®, TS6 patented probiotic essence, perfect for everyday cleansing and protection for intimate skin and body 

  • TS6 Feminine Fruit Essence Wash – It is suitable for dry skin or those who want to prevent aging, and need that extra moisturizing. It contains Aloe Vera & Pomegranate flower Extracts for nourishing intimate skin; Myrothamnus Flabellifilia Extracts for fighting against skin aging and keeping skin tender.
    ✔Cleanse the intimate area while keeping it moisturized and anti-aging. Suitable for dry skin