TS6 Feminine Whitening and Cleansing Mousse

  • A whitening feminine wash for cleansing intimate skin.
  • Obvious Whitening effect thanks to SEVEN magical whitening herbal ingredients added.
  • Consists of TS6 patented TS-2L essence to better your feminine care.
  • Package: 180 g/bottle
  • Formulation: mousse
  • Description

TS6® Feminine Whitening and Cleansing Mousse, a perfect whitening feminine wash you will regret to miss it

TS6 is a women's bodyguard where protecting feminine care

  • Cleanse and purify intimate skin. Reduce darkness accumulation.
  • Dense fluffy mousse bubbles with Palmarosa Essential Oil scent.
  • SEVEN whitening essences from the extracts of Alps plants that effectively whiten intimate skin.
  • Naturally and softly moisturizing your intimate areas due to Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil extracts added.
  • Added patented TS-2L essence, protecting feminine pH balance and feminine health.

What SIX phenomenal whitening ingredients did TS6 add in a perfect whitening feminine wash?

  1. TS-2L® Probiotic Essence: Double patented ingredient which contains natural lactic acids, anti-microbial factors, amino acids, vitamin B complex, and natural moisturizers.
  2. Gigawhite: The essence of seven herbs from the Alps, Gigawhite, breaks the usual rule of cleansing and whitening in the intimate area. Deep whitening from inside out.
  3. MAP Vitamin C: Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate(MAP) is well known as a whitening factor.
  4. Aloe Vera: It can soothe and protect intimate areas.
  5. Tea Tree Oil: Natural anti-bacterial factor.
  6. Cymbopogon Martini Oil: Efficient moisturizer and skin soother.

Brief introduction of TS6 whitening feminine wash

Active Ingredients:
TS-2L® Probiotic Essence, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Gigawhite, Cymbopogon martinii Extracts, Aloe Vera Extracts, Tea Tree Oil Extracts.
Cleanse and purify intimate skin. Reduce melanin accumulation.
Direction for use:
Apply an adequate amount of mousse on the palm or the intimate area, lather directly with no need of adding water, and then rinse.

TS6 is a Taiwan manufacturer that has been specializing in probiotic-related biotech for over 20 years; We have been contributing to our quality in every Feminine hygiene product.

TS6 is your most intimate's bodyguard, making you maintain feminine care effortlessly.

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