• TS6 Feminine Mist Toner for Brightening
  • TS6 Feminine Mist Toner for Brightening

TS6 Feminine Mist Toner for Brightening

  • Feminine mist is a great weapon to beat hot summer! De-odor while whitening intimate skin.
  • Exclusive patented TS6 TS-2L essence added to take care of your feminine care.
  • Spray it when you feel like it!
  • Package: 100 g/bottle
  • Formulation: Toner
  • Description

TS6® Feminine Brightening Mist Toner

  • A specially designed feminine mist for the intimate areas that brings both moisturizing and whitening effects.
  • Especially added berry extracts moisturize, whiten and tenderize skin.
  • Use it every day and keep away problems in the intimate area and make the intimate skin tender and bright.
  • The effective anti-pathogen formula soothes skin discomfort and odors and brings back feminine charms.
  • Include exclusive patented TS-2L essence, Let TS6 be your most intimate bodyguard by making good feminine care for you.

TS6® Feminine Brightening Mist Toner is exclusively for intimate skin with both effects of maintenance and defense against pathogen

  • It is useful for daily nourishments and remedies for deep inside intimate skin, helping brighten up and improve dullness.
  • Helps tenderize, anti-aging, defend external harms from pathogens and increase self-defense ability from probiotics.
  • Contains a light feminine scent and gives you a refreshing feeling after using it. 

Key ingredients of TS6® Feminine Mist for Brightening

Active Ingredients
TS-2L® Probiotic Essence, Taiwan FDA approved anti-bacterial ingredient--ISOM, Hydrolyzed Prunus Domestica Extracts, and a deodorant made in Japan.
De-odor while whitening intimate skin
Direction for Use
Use after lavatory or during menstrual period. Spray the toner at a distance of about 15~20 cm away. Spray twice or three times and then wipe it clean with a tissue.

TS6 has been a Taiwan manufacturer of feminine hygiene products for over 20 years

We have put exclusive patented TS-2L probiotics essence in all products, which is great for feminine care.

You should not ignore your feminine care since it can cause a lot of severe diseases and infections
TS6 is your most intimate bodyguard, helping you solve every situation along with your life

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