TS6 Intensive Cleansing Mousse

  • A feminine wash with a premium formula for feminine hygiene protection during menstrual and pregnant periods.
  • Consists of TS6 patented TS-2L essence, making a better feminine care possible.
  • Several herbal extracts included enhancing defense ability during special care time.
  • Package: 100g/bottle
  • Formulation: Mousse
  • Description

TS6 Feminine Intensive cleansing mousse, a feminine wash for a special period of time use

  • More intensive care than classic TS6® Cleansing Mousse. For special occasions: menstrual period, during pregnancy.
  • Reinforced cleansing effect and protection power to build a perfect fortress against pathogens for feminine health.
  • Contains TS6 patented TS-2L essence, effectively protecting feminine health, like your most intimate bodyguard.

Active Ingredients of TS6 Feminine Intensive cleansing mousse

  • Yogurt Filtrate (TS-2L®): Enhance feminine intimate skin defense ability.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Improve defense ability; soothe skin discomfort. 
  • Aloe Vera Extract: Moisturizing which keeps intimate skin tender and elastic.
  • Rosemary Extract: Reinforce defense ability and increase intimate skin comfort.
  • Blueberry Extract: Remedy intimate skin and keep skin moisturized.

Premium formula for intimate skin protection during menstrual periods.

Direction for Use:
Apply warm water onto the area needed for cleansing.
Apply an adequate amount of mousse on hand and gently massage it lightly on the area.
Then rinse with warm water.

How to choose intimate cleansing products?

  • Soap/ general body washes: The pH is usually alkaline, which irritates the skin, leading to dryness and darkness.
  • General intimate cleansing products: It is with weak acid pH level. However, it often does not add an herb or lactic acid ingredients. 
  • TS6® feminine intimate cleansers: The pH is a weak acid. It contains patented TS-2L probiotic essence. Besides, adding organic herbal extracts keeps intimate skin soft and comfortable every day.

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TS6 is a Taiwan manufacturer that has been specializing in probiotic-related biotech for over 20 years;
We have been insisting on our quality in every product
Feminine hygiene is a topic that needs to be aware

TS6 is a women's bodyguard, protecting your feminine health with a full heart.