Good for Eye Health: Habits, foods, and supplements
Technology products have been widespread, phones, laptops, and tablets so more and more people are nearsighted at a very young age nowadays. This is a serious modern problem that needs to address.
Protect eye exercises can do it from small daily habits and these habits forming can make big change.
Feminine care overview: intimate skin care tips, vaginal infection, recommended products
Women may face different feminine health-related problems during different periods of their lifetime and may have vaginal infections at some point in their lifetime. Let's talk about what is it and how to prevent it, and also some daily intimate skincare tips!
Probiotics overview: Benefits, Side Effects, Food and more
The number of bacteria in the human gut is about 100 trillion, (more than 500 species), consisting of both good and bad bacteria, making a microflora. And probiotics are made of good bacteria. Not only gut flora contains beneficial and harmful bacteria, but the skin, mouth, vagina, and urinary tract consist of them as well. Good bacteria can against bad bacteria and prevent bad bacteria from growing, helping the body function well and be healthy.
How do propolis, lutein, and soybean help eye health?
According to the America National Occupational Health and Safety Institute survey showed if people use computers for more than three hours per day, about 90% of people will feel dry eyes, headaches, irritability, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and other symptoms. This fatigue phenomenon of sight is called xerophthalmia. It is very common for modern people who use cell phones and computers all the time. Therefore, it is an important issue in how to care for your eyes, reduce eye fatigue, and prevent vision loss.
Why causes diaper rash? How to form protective barrier for baby skin?
Due to the stratum cornea of a baby has not yet matured, the thickness of dermis is only one-half to two-thirds of one of an adult. Hence, not only is baby skin very delicate and tender but also has insufficient sebum, and easily led to skin moisture loss and irritated by foreign body, resulting in skin dryness, itchiness and inflammations.
What is collagen? What can it help for aging skin?
There is protein in human body composition, 30%~40% of which is collagen. Collagen exists not only in the skin, but also in body tissues, bones, corneas, nails, hair, ...etc. Collagen presents a large part in the body, however, we focus on what collagen can do for the skin and introduce TS6 Pro-Collagen Plus's ingredients and benefits.
What is Enterovirus? ImmunoActive can boost immunity to prevent it!
Enterovirus, a virus that enters the body through the gastrointestinal tract and thrives there, often moves on to attack the nervous system. Having better immunity can prevent getting it. TS6 ImmunoActive helps people to better immunity to fight against Enterovirus, improving overall constitution.
How to choose probiotic supplement? -Part1
Promote smooth defecation, boost metabolism, help digestion, and improve lactose intolerance - Probiotic
Introducing TS6 Acne treatment gel: Repair skin cells in a healthy way
Acne mostly happened in teens during adolescence but can also affect adults of both sexes.
TS6 guideline-How to choose the most suitable feminine hygiene wash?
There's tons of intimate hygiene washes out there that you can choose from the market.
How to prevent aging skin? What could Pro-Bio cleanser do for it?
Skin with stratum corneum (SC) has a protective layer of acidic oils on it, called the acid mantle.
Let's talk about Probiotic yogurt filtrate - TS7®
The skin is the outer covering of the body, also known as the epidermis.