How to know what are the suitable skin routines? Regarding different skin types


Knowing what is your skin type

Understanding skin type is the first step in skincare. Once you acknowledge your skin type, you can choose appropriate skin care products according to your skin type, match the dosage and frequency, and find the correct skincare routine to achieve the best skin results, making skin soft and shiny.

We will be introducing the four common skin types, explaining the skin characteristics of different skin types, and providing a simple method to determine skin type to help you understand your own skin type. If you want to know your skin type, take a short quiz! After washing your face at night, do not apply any skincare products, and observe the condition of your skin after an hour or the next day in the morning.

Observe the oiliness and what you feel about your skin in the T-zone and cheeks:
  1. The T-zone and cheeks are not too greasy and may appear dry and tight.
  2. The T-zone is neither greasy nor dry, and the cheeks are as soft as after washing.
  3. The T-zone is greasy but my cheeks are dry.
  4. There is a lot of oil in the T-zone, and the cheeks are also obviously greasy.

Skin routines build from skin types

  • Dry skin
    If your skin is not too greasy and may appear dry and tight, you are defined as dry skin. Skin often looks dull, and when the weather changes, problems such as redness, dryness, itching, and peeling may easily occur.

    Daily habits are important to skin health. Getting enough water for your body may benefit your skin as well. "Water" accounts for about 60 to 70% of the body (water content will decrease with age). If the body lacks enough water, the skin will become dry, dehydrated, and dull. Drinking enough water helps increase the moisture content of the skin from the inside out.
    Lack of adequate rest will affect body functions and weaken the skin's ability to retain moisture, making it easy for the skin to lose moisture and look dull. Thus, it might sound cliche, but being aware of a healthy lifestyle is critical for making skin supple and moist.

    For dry skin care routine, gentle cleansing and focus on providing moisture-locking products. Make sure to apply enough lotion, cream even oil to your skin, lock the moisture in keratinocytes, and retain the moisture in the skin from loss.

  • Normal skin
    Normal skin type is what we call healthy skin. The secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands is moderate and it is not greasy or dry. The skin has barely small pores and acne, the skin is soft and radiant. It is not easy to cause allergic reactions to external stimulation, which is a very enviable skin condition!

    However, normal skin cannot be neglected and maintained just because it is a normal skin type. Correct skincare routine should go according to different seasons. Not to mention paying attention to good living habits, such as adequate sleep and balanced nutrition. Regarding skin care, there are three general directions to follow: cleansing and moisturizing, and sunscreen applying.

  • Combination skin
    When you have combination skin, you sometimes need to apply different products according to different oil secretions of your skin. Observing and understanding your skin enough, picking the right products for your skin is not difficult at all!

    When it comes to cleansing, it is always recommended to gently press the skin with gentle foam, do not feel any dryness after washing.

    For acid-based skin care products, it is recommended to use low-concentration acid skin care products for the entire face, and use higher-concentration acid skin care products for the T-zone area that is prone to oiliness, and then make adjustments according to individual skin conditions to regulate skin oil secretion and pore-clogging.

    Finish off with moisturizing skin care products with natural ingredients on the entire face, and add lotion or cream to the dry areas of the face and cheeks to enhance moisture.

  • Oily skin
    Although the formation of oily skin is related to genetics, it can still be improved by an oily skincare routine, daily diet, and good habits. The easiest way to take care of oily skin is to start by washing your face twice daily. (Recommend: TS6 Pro-Bio Cleanser)

    The bubbles created by using facial cleanser can remove excess oil and dirt from the face, leaving the skin fresh and clean. Strengthen cleaning and regular keratin conditioning of the skin, promote keratin renewal and metabolism, and avoid pore clogging causing other skin problems. For moisturizing, use refreshing essence or lotion and apply it only to areas that are prone to dryness. Be careful to avoid products with heavy cream texture to avoid acne.

    In addition to drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep, you should also pay attention to reducing the intake of high-fat and high-sugar foods, which can cause hormonal stimulation and excessive secretion of sebaceous glands to cause acne and acne. Therefore, it is recommended that people with oily skin consume more fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants or have anti-inflammatory effects, which will definitely help.

    The products in TS6 Probiotic Skincare Series all contain TS7®, a patented Yogurt Filtrate, which is rich in amino acids, vitamins, folic acids, biotin, and lactic acid; the natural antibacterial substances may suppress specific bacterium; it also can improve the synthesis of CollagenⅠ, Ⅲ, Fibronection, and Cornifin. Hence, it is good for the skin.

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