Having acne/ oily skin could be so upset sometimes! Especially if you have a stressful lifestyle, an unbalanced diet, it could affect your skin condition greatly, leading you to pop up some pimples. Therefore, getting a stable skin state is very crucial. 
TS6 has developed skincare products which are suitable for acne prone skin type or combination skin. Here are some introductions and key features why you should give them a try!
Cleaning is the first step of having stable skin. You should be avoiding using too much artificial ingredients on face. Instead, put on cleanser with simple ingredients as possible.
  • TS6 Pro-Bio Cleanser
    It contains TS7®, a patented Yogurt Filtrate, which is rich in amino acids, vitamins, folic acids, biotin, and lactic acid; the natural antibacterial substances may suppress certain bacterium; it also can improve the synthesis of CollagenⅠ, Ⅲ, Fibronection, and Cornifin. Hence, it is good for the skin.

    Trehalose is extracted from seaweed. It is similar to the water in the structure of the human body which can help our skin easily absorb the water and offer long-lasting moisture for skin.
After fully cleaning, acne needs to have some treatment to reduce inflammation; dark spots caused by acne also need to be put on some gel in order to accelerate the process of dark spot reduction. TS6 Acne Treatment Gel is designed for it!
  • TS6 Acne Treatment Gel
    It has TS7®, a derivative of a naturally healthy skin supplement, which is rich in active and beneficial ingredients. It consists of Salicylic acid, helping reduce acne; Tranexamic Acid has a whitening effect; Epilobium Fleischer extracts effectively reduce oiliness and skin inflammation.
    It also includes Tea Tree Oil, which has a natural antibacterial effect and improves inflammation symptoms on the skin.
Helps you get a stable and healthy skin state possible.
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