Acne mostly happened in teens during adolescence but can also affect adults of both sexes. Occur when oil and dead skin cells are trapped inside the follicle or the secretion of sebum forms a plug within the pore. This plug is referred to as a comedo. Blackheads and whiteheads are examples of non-inflamed comedones, whereas, inflamed comedones are caused by bacterial infection.

TS6 acne treatment gel adds TS7® probiotic essence and can recuperate healthy skin conditions, prevent acne forming, help the healing of pimples, and gentle whitening / fade dark spots. Let’s dive right into it to see the effective ingredients inside!

Who could use it?

  • Acne vulgaris
  • Acne conglobata
  • Acne cosmetic 
  • Teenagers during adolescence
  • Relieve inflamed skin
  • Reduce sebum production
  • All skin type

Ingredient introduction

Yogurt Filtrate
Derivative of a naturally healthy skin supplement that is rich in active and beneficial ingredients extracted from the metabolites of three probiotic strains fermentation in fresh milk.
Active ingredients are lactic acid, amino acids, and B-complex vitamins.
These ingredients are the major elements in reducing inflammation of acne on the face. It also contains natural antimicrobial which can prevent skin infection.
Laminaria Saccharina
Seaweed extract is composed of a polyuronide that purifies and balances the PH. Function in anti-inflammation, regulate oiliness, purifies, and moisturizes the skin.
The polyuronide makes a film with the skin protein which maintains optimal hydration.
Function in moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergic effects. Excellent skin repair capacity promotes the regeneration of skin cells to accelerate wound healing.
Epilobium Fleischeri Extract
It is produced from the rare Alpine plant with ECOCERT and BIO SUISSE organic certificate approval.
Contain an especially high concentration of ingredients to protect themselves against high altitudes.
These exclusive ingredients can protect our skin from oiliness by decreasing the production of 5α-reductase and reducing skin inflammation by inhibiting the production of IL-1 and IL-8.
In addition, epilobium fleischeri contains Oenothein A and B, Phenolic acids and Flavonids etc.
These can decrease the production of 5α-reductase, function in anti-inflammation, and anti-oxidation, and eliminate free radicals in the skin cell.

What effects could be achieved?

  • Probiotic Essence:
     TS7® is a natural healthy skin supplement that is rich in active and beneficial ingredients extracted from the metabolites of seven probiotic strains fermentation in fresh milk.
    These ingredients are the major elements for the activation of fibroblast cells in the dermis to generate collagen and elastin. Besides, its ability is to accelerate epidermal skin replacement and cell regeneration; it also contains natural antimicrobial and can prevent skin infection. 
  • Anti-Acne:
    Salicylic acid is used to help clear and prevent pimples and skin blemishes in people who have acne. Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) commonly used to treat comedonal or non-inflamed acne. Salicylic acid is especially helpful in treating acne because of its ability to penetrate the follicle. It encourages the shedding of dead skin cells from within the follicle, helping keep the pores clear of cellular debris. 
    Epilobium Fleischeri Extract is an innovative ingredient with proven efficacy against oily skin. It is an anti-inflammatory and also reduces the size and appearance of pores. It is a natural and organic plant extract from the rare alpine plant Epilobium Fleischeri, which is rich in flavonoids and has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It is also very high in tannin oenethin B, which is very useful in regulating sebum in human skin, making it very helpful for treating oily and sensitive skin.
  • Whitening:
    It contains Tranexamic Acid, which blocks melanin: prevents sun spots from appearing; Prevents melanin accumulation: avoids marks left by skin lesions such as pimples; Inhibits tyrosinase activity: lightens the existing spots by controlling melanin synthesis and dispersing existing melanin.

Let's give TS6 acne treatment gel a go!
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