Tips for Baby Skin Care and Preventing Nappy Rash

Being a parent and having a baby could be very wonderful, meanwhile, it could be stressed and frustrated as there are lots of things parents need to pay attention to when it comes to baby care for newborn.

As we all know that baby's skin is susceptible and vulnerable, so we should acknowledge some of the concepts of baby skincare before we take care of babies. Although the baby's skin tissue is fully developed, compared with adults, the skin and stratum corneum are thinner. Also, babies' skin has poor moisturizing ability, causing dry skin. For the above reasons, babies' skin is very sensitive to environmental changes, improper clothes, over-cleaning, etc. Let's talk about some baby skincare tips so you do not get panic while taking care of babies.

How to take care baby skin?

  1. Do not over-cleaning
    Since babies often stay at home, it is no need to wash them once a day. However, if you do want to wash them every day, please make sure to use products with less foam to bathe your baby. You can bathe the baby with a soft sponge or a cotton towel; simply wipe their armpit, thighs, and the skin where the diaper is wrapped.
  2. The water temperature should not be too high
    Because the stratum corneum of the baby's skin is relatively thin, it is easy to cause dehydration and dryness. Pay attention to the temperature of the bath water between 37°C and 40°C. Use your hands to feel the temperature, if it is warm and not feeling hot.
  3. Use products with simple ingredients
    When it comes to picking baby products, the purer the ingredients of the baby's products, it is better for the baby's sensitive skin. Use products that are neutral and mild, and try not to use baby washes with chemical ingredients such as alcohol, parabens, and pigments. Parents can try it on their hands first and see if it is suitable for the baby or if there are too many artificial ingredients inside. Even if you feel like it is appropriate for the baby, it might happen when the baby's skin starts to get itchy and red, please stop using it and wash it out right away, and go see a doctor if necessary.
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  4. Make sure to apply enough moisturizer
    The baby's skin surface has less moisture and oil, and a poor moisturizing ability. Hence, it is important to keep the skin moisturized, as it can form a protective barrier to prevent harm from the environment and keep the skin healthy.
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  5. Wear suitable clothes with cotton textures
    Baby is high in metabolism, and very afraid of heat, so wearing breathable and comfortable cotton-made clothes can prevent getting rashes. If the weather is cold, parents can help the baby put on socks and one more layer of cloth, just do not put on lots of layers and make the skin airtight.
  6. Sweat and urine can irritate the skin so changing clothes soon
    Sweat can irritate the skin, so if you find your baby sweating, it is recommended to wipe it with a wet towel and change clothes for him immediately. Urine is also easy to irritate the skin. If parents find their diaper is bulging, change the diaper right away to keep it breathable.
  7. Prevent direct sun exposure
    Since the baby's skin is delicate and sensitive, parents should avoid the sun's direct contact with their baby. Baby should cover long-sleeved clothes and pants, wear sunglasses, and put on baby-used sunscreens on their face and hands.
  8. If you need help, please say it loud!
    Finally, whenever you find out there is something strange with the baby, please do not hesitate to go see a doctor as it can prevent getting any even worse situation. As sooner you take your baby to see a doctor, the quicker you feel at ease. You have got this!

How to prevent diaper rashes?

Even though you take care of the baby's skin very carefully, it might not prevent getting diaper rashes sometimes as there are three factors leading it to happen - moistness on the skin, the diaper being airtight, and irritation. Irritation can contain many aspects, such as bacteria in urine or stool, baby wash, lotion, and cleansers including irritated ingredients that are not good for baby's skin. Hence, it is essential to use products with simple and natural ingredients, there are suitable products for babies to use in the TS6 BB Health Series: BB Health Baby Bath & Wash & BB Health Baby Daily Lotion

  • Keep the skin dry
    Please make sure that the skin where wrapped by a diaper is dry and clean before wrapping the diaper.

  • Change the diaper often
    Change the diaper at least every two hours, or immediately after the baby poops, so that the baby's skin does not come into contact with irritants for too long.

  • Not make the diaper too tight
    If the diaper is worn too tightly, it may irritate the skin, so do not make the diaper too tightly.

  • Cleaning the skin with clean water is fine
    Soaps and lotions can contain ingredients that can irritate your baby's skin, especially in the first few months when it is still delicate. Thus, please choose the products wisely before applying them to your baby's skin. Other ways, using warm water or clothes to clean your baby's bottom is fine.
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