TS6 Feminine Cleaning Gel

  • Great nighttime care of your intimate area, like the face mask you always like to put on during the night.
  • Moisturizing; helps maintain a healthy pH level in your intimate area.
  • Package: Tube, 7 ml/tube, 7 tube/box
  • Formulation: Gel
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TS6 feminine cleaning gel is your best nighttime care for intimate area

People often like to apply heavy texture moisturizer on their face during their night sleeping time, 
so does your intimate area, they need that extra care as well!

  • moisturizing
  • patented TS-2L essence added, which is like a soldier of your body, helping regulate pathogen, and nourish vaginal probiotics, maintaining the right pH level of the intimate area. Thus, stop you from getting any infections and diseases.

Maintain healthy pH in the vagina:
TS6 Lady Health introduces the probiotic defense concept to feminine care products, by utilizing probiotic yogurt filtrate (TS-2L®),
which can enhance an acidic environment, gently reduce unpleasant odor, and protect the feminine intimate area. 

Yogurt Filtrate (TS-2L®);
Xanthan Gum.
Assist in reconstructing normal flora, and preventing infections.
Keep female urogenital tract hygiene. 
Remove applicator from wrapper. Press down and twist to open the tab. Squeeze applicator to dispense contents and apply inside the vagina. Dispose of used applicator.
Tube, 7 ml/tube, 7 tube/box
Place of Origin: Taiwan
  • Award: Taiwan National SNQ (Symbol of National Quality) Biotech and Medical award
  • Certificate: ISO13485, GMP, ISO 9001 2015
  • Ingredients: Probiotic Essence
  • Award More Info: Also recognized as a Prestige "Safety & Quality" award


  • Does TS6 cleaning gel affect sperm quality in men during sex?
    The pH of a normal vagina is pH 3.5-4.0. The most suitable pH value for sperm activity is PH 7.0-8.5. When the pH is less than pH6, the motility of the sperm will be affected.TS6 cleaning gel can enhance an acidic environment, gently reduce unpleasant odor, and protect the feminine intimate area. Hence, sperm quality will be affected when using TS6 cleaning gel.
  • For cases in the stage of infertility treatment, is it good to use TS6 cleaning gel?
    Generally, the pH of the vagina will rise to pH 7.0 after ejaculation and maintain it for two hours. Since TS6 cleaning gel can improve an acidic environment, it is not good for the sperm if the gel is used during this period. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it during infertility treatment.
  • Can TS6 cleaning gel be used as lubrication?
    It depends on preference. The texture of TS6 cleaning gel is thicker, some people will feel uncomfortable, so it depends on personal preference.​

TS6 is a feminine hygiene product manufacturer in Taiwan

We have been putting effort to produce high-quality feminine health products for over 20 years
Patented TS-2L is phenomenal for feminine health,
that's why our feminine care products are ALL added with patented TS-2L ingredients

You are not just using a TS6 product, you are bringing back your confidence,
let's be confident inside out!

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