TS6 Probiotic

  • Promote smooth defecation, boost metabolism, help digestion, and improve lactose intolerance.
  • NO.1 Top Sale. Over 75 million pieces sold.
  • SIX GRAS functional probiotic strains, which are certified to be beneficial to health with long-term intake.
  • Fermented from fresh milk by a unique Complex Symbiotic Fermentation Technique.
  • A portable sachet only takes 7.5 calories, maintaining health is SO EASY!
  • Ingredients:
    6 strains of probiotics(L. acidophilus, L. casei, B. bifidum, B. infantis, B. longum, Lactococcus lactis)
  • Package:
    Sachet, 2 g/sachet; 10/45/60 sachets/box
  • Formulation: Powder
  • Description
TS6® Probiotic is a cheerleader for your body, giving you a great boostTS6-probiotic-can-better-digestion-and-immunity
Been best seller for more than 13 years, exported to many countries.
Made in compound symbiotic culture technology and pure fresh milk culture.
Selected probiotics with high colonization and high survival rate so that they could be survived in the tough acidic intestinal environment.

Why do we have to take a probiotic supplement?
Due to pressure from work, insufficient sleep, improper diets, environments with pathogens, and undertaking of antibiotics...etc, which are typical in modern life. Intestine flora is usually preoccupied with pathogens. However, health problems are present because of an unhealthy lifestyle. Good probiotic supplements can improve intestine flora and other functional benefits, depending on different strains of probiotics.

How does TS6 differentiate from other brands?

Introduce each function of 6 strains in TS6 probiotic
TS6® Probiotic is portable and easy to take. The specially selected 6 strains of probiotics are under special fermentation technology that with the most competitive flora inside. It has a high survival rate and colonization in the intestine with multiple functional effects:
  • Boost immune system, improve constipation and diarrhea
  • Removal of harmful substances through excretion
  • Improve allergic physique, reduce cholesterol
  • Enhance lactose intolerance, protect intestinal mucus tissue
Suitable for
  • Constipation and diarrhea
  • Children with poor absorption
  • Allergic physique
  • People with an unhealthy diet
  • Physique adjustment
  • For those who have poor immunity
  • Business traveler
  • During pregnancy

Key ingredients of TS6 probiotic

6 strains of probiotics and its functions: 
L. acidophilus (adjust body sensitivity);
L. casei (maintain digestive function);
B. bifidum (change bacterial ecology);
B. infantis (regulate physical functions);
B. longum (enhance bowel movement);
Lactococcus lactis (improve metabolism);
Promote smooth defecation, boost metabolism, help digestion, and improve lactose intolerance.
Direction for use
Children (12 months and above): 1~2 sachets daily;
Adults: 2~3 sachets daily or as directed by physicians.
(There are three packing specifications of TS6 probiotic: 10/45/60 sachets/box)

How to take TS6 Probiotic?
  1. It can be blended in water (under 45°C), juice or yogurt
  2. Blended into a salad or cold dishes
  3. Blended in baby milk powder (under 45°C)
  4. Blended into baby food  (under 45°C)
ISO 9001 2015
Harmful microorganism analysis
Heavy Metal Analysis
Non-pharmaceutical substance Analysis

Frequent Q & A
  1. When is the best time for probiotics intake?
    It is better to take it on an empty stomach (30-60minutes before meals), or 3 hours before sleeping with no food intake.
    These kinds of environments would enhance probiotics' colonization ability to get a better effect.
  2. Will the product lose its efficacy after taking it for a while?
    No, actually the intestinal flora will change to a better condition. Thus, it would be great to continuously take probiotic supplements. Kind reminder, diets, and living habits also will affect flora condition, so please eat and sleep well as well.
  3. Can I take probiotic supplements along with other medicine?
    No, probiotics can be affected by taking medication. It is recommended to take probiotic supplements after 2 hours of medicine consumption.
  4. Do I have to store TS6 Probiotic in the fridge?
    No, because TS6 develops a patented technology that is a nested-like structure coat to probiotics so that it makes TS6 Probiotic products hibernating status after being processed to dry conditions. Once entering the human body, probiotics start to proliferate. Thus, just need to store TS6 Probiotic in a cool dry place, no need to store it in the fridge.
  5. Are TS6 Probiotic supplements suitable for children under 2 years old?
    Yes, children are in bacteria-free environments. It is generally considered that babies acquire probiotics from their mothers. Hence, babies delivered by surgeries may need more probiotic supplements than those delivered naturally in order to increase intestine flora. However, it may need to be aware that if necessary dissolve probiotic supplement in water for the first intake.

TS6 is a Taiwanese brand developing the best probiotic supplements and has over 20 years of experience in making probiotics-oriented products.
We persist in only producing high-quality, environmental-friendly products.   
You can improve your body by spending 30 seconds taking TS6 probiotics every day, preventing serious diseases, and flu.
You not only buy a product but change the way you live life by improving your overall health.

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