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We care about your health, beauty and happiness, thus we have devoted ourselves in providing safe, superior-quality and beneficial products and services utilizing our state-of-the-art biotechnology since the establishment in 1999.

To pursue a better future for human beings and our precious planet, Tensall will continue to develop harmless biotech products with the efforts of our professionals and the support from all customers.

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Probiotics are the new vitamins

It is a new trend of healthy medical to improve human life through microbiology, and the application of microbiology is going to be one of the mainstreams of preventive medicine.
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Tensall has the expertise in probiotics application and dedicates to make itself a market leader. Tensall has applied probiotics technology on improving the gastrointestinal system, relieving allergic syndromes, shaping bodies, decomposing toxins, boost the immune system, regulating cholesterol, and enhancing liver function.

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