What does calcium do for the body? How to supplement calcium?


The elder is not the only one who may have osteoporosis

Modern people are busy with work, lack exercise, have irregular lifestyles, and have an unbalanced diet. As a result, some long-term diseases have begun to appear in younger people, such as osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease related to bone metabolism. The decrease in bone density makes the structure of the bones fragile and lose their firmness, making them prone to breakage.

As people age, their chances of developing osteoporosis increase. Osteoporosis usually has no clinically obvious symptoms and can only be discovered early through physical examination. Otherwise, it may not be discovered until you go to the doctor for back pain or even when it is severe enough to cause a fracture.

However, the health of bones is closely related to living habits. Suppose you do not maintain good habits in daily life, such as an unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, irregular life schedule, regular lack of sleep staying up late, etc. In that case, it may lead to osteoporosis in younger people. Therefore, osteoporosis is not just a problem in old age; early prevention can help slow down bone loss.

What does calcium do to body?

Calcium has many benefits for the human body. Every organ needs calcium to help normal function. Calcium is important to human health. Calcium deficiency will not only affect the growth of children and cause osteoporosis in adults and the elderly but also affect the health of bones and teeth, muscle contraction, heart beating, nerve transmission, and other functions. It is one of the important nutrients in the human body.

What food contains a great amount of calcium?

The recommended daily calcium intake for adults is 1,000 mg, but the average person usually cannot consume enough. The human body cannot produce calcium naturally and must obtain it through food or supplements. What foods can we use to supplement calcium? I hope that through the introduction, you can learn about other foods with high calcium content so that you can get enough of the daily calcium you need.

In addition to the well-known milk and cheese, seafood includes clams and oysters, vegetables such as sweet potato leaves, kale, seaweed, cabbage, and dark green vegetables. Other foods such as beans and nuts are also good choices from almonds, black beans, and black sesame seeds.

How to supplement calcium in the right way?

Since the small intestine has a certain upper dose limit for calcium absorption, 500 mg is the maximum upper limit for the absorption rate. Beyond that, the absorption rate will gradually decrease. Therefore, it is recommended to supplement high-calcium foods several times a day to facilitate the full absorption of calcium added to the body each time. For example, you can have a glass of milk in the morning and drink sugar-free yogurt or a black sesame drink in the afternoon. In the evening, you can drink milk around 8 pm so that most of the calcium is absorbed at midnight where this is the time growth hormone is secreted the most, and calcium can be effectively utilized.

In addition, if you choose to supplement calcium tablets, the recommended maximum dose should not exceed 500 mg of calcium each time, because the small intestine itself has a certain upper limit for calcium absorption. Therefore, dividing the total amount of calcium required daily into 2 to 3 doses will achieve a better absorption effect than taking the entire dose you need daily at once.

Introduce TS6 Pro-Bio Ca+

The formulation is produced by innovative Tensall technology of Probiomin ® mineral fermentation plus activation of microorganisms to produce ProbioCa ®, enhancing the absorption of calcium. Combine the easily digested character of the calcium citrate plus support from Vitamin D. The loss of calcium can be reduced effectively. Adding Casein phosphopeptide, Aquamin F, and Milk calcium in the formula, will provide you with total protection for joint health. In addition, lecithin can supply pregnant or lactating women with nutrients and promote fetal development. Therefore, it is suitable for everyone, elderly, women, and pregnant women.

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