Promote smooth defecation, boost metabolism, help digestion, and improve lactose intolerance - Probiotic

Human gut flora contains friendly and harmful bacteria. The metabolism products of Friendly bacteria (Probiotic) such as lactic acid and acetic acid can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and confer health benefits on the host.

Many things can upset the balance of the gut flora, including the stress of busy life, an unhealthy diet, changes in the environment, taking some prescription medications, etc.


In order to meet the market demand for probiotic products realistically, Tensall’s R&D team has invented an unique process to develop TS6 ® material. The process has screened and selected the six most beneficial lactic acid bacteria strains, and generated the most optimum amount of lactic acid bacteria counts. It also has several critical technological bottleneck breakthroughs, so that the strains, counts, and viability can be assured even at room temperature.

Benefits of supplementing Probiotic
  1. Clean the intestinal tract and purify the colon   
  2. Increase liver function and prevent liver disease
  3. Reduce cholesterol level
  4. Promote digestion, synthesize multivitamin nutrition
  5. Prevent constipation and diarrhea 
  6. Prevent pathogen infection
  7. Boost Immunity
  8. Improve the metabolic disorder of lactose intolerance
  9. Improve body constitution

Enhance intestinal problems and Allergy - Probiotic PLUS (sachet/capsule)

People contract allergies much more accessible than ever due to the changes in industrialization, living environment, and increasing intake of western food. People with allergic physiques are very prone to allergic reactions even if slightly stimulating. Examples of allergic diseases are rhinitis, asthma, allergic conjunctivitis, skin inflammation (i.e. atopic dermatitis), nettle rash, food allergy and etc.

There are a number of allergens, such as mites, bacteria, viruses, parasites, pollen, etc. irritating the immune system and stimulating the allergic reaction. The antigen may lead to inflammation of the respiratory tract. The symptoms consist of swelling, redness, secretion increase, etc. The swollen aspiration can block the tract & then causes difficulty of breath. What’s more, the allergen can agitate the secretion and even asthma.

“Allergy” is associated with the imbalance or dysfunction of the immune system. Nowadays, there is no medication to completely cure the allergy. After well-treatment, the allergic response can be alleviated, but not fully recovered. To relieve the irritating allergy, keeping a careful lookout for diet is imperative. For instance, avoid the consumption of allergen-rich foods like seafood, egg, milk, and peanut. Exercise is a plus. Be aware of the cleanness and moisture of the environment. According to clinical experiments, 1/2 to 1% of the patients with allergies can get better after growing up through a proper diet combined with improved immunity.
  1. Probiotic Complex (8 Strains): Probiotic technology is often considered an effective method to improve digestive function, lower cholesterol, protect the liver and enhance anti-cancer benefits. Along with these eight Lactobacteria reduces discomfort caused by allergic reactions
  2. Perilla leaf extract: Perilla is commonly used in Chinese medicine against poison, vomit, flu, cold, fever, and flatulence. Research also points out that perilla is good for patients with inflammation, allergy, or immune disease.
  3. Pine Bark Extract: It originated from Indians, the Native Americans in Atlanta. The indigenous Americans boil the pine bark and then drink it as tea to treat illnesses. The pine bark extract consists of water-soluble flavonoids, a powerful anti-oxidant that can strengthen blood vessels, facilitate blood circulation, suppress inflammation, and remove thrombus and free radicals in our body. The effects of the anti-oxidant of pine bark are nearly twenty times of Vitamin C, fifty times of those of Vitamin E.

    Afterwards, research shows that pine bark contains a number of functional ingredients of phytochemicals. As such, anthocyanoides, catechin, alkaloid, carbolic acid, etc. Phytochemicals in pine bark can also dilate the blood vessel and protect patients from cardiovascular disease and even stroke. According to clinical research, along with all of the above functions, the pine bark reduces the risk of thrombosis as aspirin does. The best pine bark is free from side effects.
  4. Oligosaccharide: It is low in calories and can work as prebiotic. Prebiotics can pass through the digestion system without being digested, provide nutrients to probiotics, and promote the growth of the probiotics.

Promote genitourinary health, smooth defection, and boost metabolism – G-Uro ProCap

Genitourinary tract infection is one of the most common infectious diseases in humans which is particularly susceptible in women, because of urogenital tract is very close to the anus that will be induced to infection caused by not good health habits or sexual behavior. In post-menopausal women, due to estrogen reduction and genitourinary tract mucus atrophy, which is easy for bad bacteria growth in the urogenital tract induce to infection.

G-Uro ProCap

This product used the two probiotics to ferment with fresh milk which can maintain the pH in the female genitourinary tract. In addition, the probiotics activation technology is applied to nature's presence in the microorganisms with special benefits for humans. And use special biodegradable enzymes of probiotics to release completely various substances hidden in the cranberry. The cranberry extract can adjust the physical and restore the complexion.
  1. Probiotics: This product used functional probiotics that were isolated from the intestinal tract and normal female genitourinary system. Probiotics can produce a variety of amino acids, vitamins, and natural ingredients through complex fermentation, and contain natural antibacterial substances and lactic acid, which can effectively inhibit the growth of foreign pathogens to prevent infection. In feminine intimate parts in normal situations where the Lactobacillus will produce lactic acid which can make maintain the pH at 4.5 or less in the female urogenital system. And its metabolites contain bacteriocin which can inhibit pathogenic bacteria. (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 73(2), 437-443, 2001).
  2. Cranberry yogurt: The probiotics activation technology is applied to nature's presence in the microorganisms with special benefits for humans. And use special biodegradable enzymes of probiotics to release completely various substances hidden in the cranberry.

    The cranberry has been widely used in preventing bacterial infection of the female urogenital system. The Journal of the American Medical Association pointed out that regular drinking of cranberry juice can be antibacterial in the urinary tract caused by bacterial infection. Cranberry has rich flavones which have strong antioxidant activity, and it not only can prevent cardiovascular disease, but also inhibit bacteria attached to the mucosa of the urinary system to reduce bacterial infection.

Adjust body constitution, enhance immunity, nutrient supplement - ImmunoActive

The deadly side effects and frightening risks of cold and flu medicines urge parents to look for natural alternatives to comfort and heal their children from cold and flu. The effective ways to prevent influenza is adopting hygiene practice and boosting the immune system.


The ImmunoActive contains mainly two functional formulas for flu prevention.
  • Immune System Boosting: Probiotic, Multi-vitamins, Colostrums protein, and Whey protein
  • Anti-Virus Ingredients: Lactoferrin and Elderberry Extract. With comprehensive ingredients, this formula provides daily immune protection for both adults and children.
  1. Functional Probiotic: Several intestinal probiotic strains which can effectively colonize the intestinal tract, inhibit pathogenic bacteria, and maintain the balance of normal microflora are selected. Constant consumption of probiotic can tonic body constitution and reinforce the intestine tract against infections including viruses.
  2. Lactoferrin: Lactoferrin, also known as lactotransferrin (LTF), is a globular multifunctional protein with antimicrobial activity (bactericide and fungicide) and plays a role in innate defense, mainly at the mucosa. Research has revealed the anti-virus effect of lactoferrin toward Enterovirus type 71. Lactoferrin can completely destroy EV 71 without jeopardizing epithelia. Noticeably, the lactoferrin of cow milk has 5 to 10 times higher anti-virus effects than that of human milk.
  3. Whey Protein: Whey Protein has all the essential amino acids which are essential for the synthesis of body tissue. It is also rich in immune proteins that signal IgG and growth factors. Such components can remain bioactive in the human body after ingestion, which inhibits the growths of pathogenic microbes including virus and bacteria and enhance immunity.
  4. Colostrum Protein: Colostrum provides calf's ability to resist pathogenic viruses and bacteria. In addition to high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients, it is also rich in immune protein signals (mainly IgG).
  5. Elderberry: Elderberry is deep purplish-blue in color, and has a history of medicinal use that extends as far back as ancient Greece. Recent scientific experiments have cemented elderberry as a mainstay of antiviral herbal therapy. Clinical trials for elderberry in Israel took place in the middle of a flu epidemic in the 1990s. Patients displaying full-blown flu symptoms were given elderberry extract and within 48 hours 75% of patients reported a clear improvement. Within 72 hours, 90% of patients were symptom-free. Subsequent research has also shown black elderberry extract to be effective against the Herpes simplex, HIV, and Bird Flu virus. The followings show the elderberry extract function through different mechanisms: Antiviral Function - Lab experiments have pinpointed an active ingredient ‘antivirin’ that is found in proteins of the black elderberry. Research has shown how antivirin disarms the flu virus by preventing it from invading the membranes of healthy cells. Anti-inflammatory - One study (Barak 2002) also demonstrated that an extract of black elderberry increased the production of the anti-inflammatory cytokine Il-10. Anti-Oxidation Effect - Elderberry is rich in antioxidants such as anthocyanin.
  6. Multivitamin (A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E ): Vitamins are known as essential nutrients to the human body. Multivitamins can adjust the body's constitution to fight against viruses.
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